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Coast of Llanes


Llanes is a beautiful fishing village located between the coast of the Cantabrian Sea and the feet of Peaks of Europe


The coast of the Council of Llanes offers a wide number of attractive places for the visitor, along its 31 km of coastline, this unique place offers from long white sand beaches, to small and remote coves with difficult access, which It facilitates maintaining a natural conservation. The council has in total more than 30 different beaches, among which Niembro, Buelna, Torimbia, Cuevas del Mar, Ballota, or the world famous Gulpiyuri, a beach located 100 meters from the coast, which reaches the water from the water Sea through underground caves.


Another attraction of the coast of the Council, are the high and elegant cliffs, perfect places for coastal fishing, sometimes dotted with the so-called "Buffoons", such as the acquaintances of Pria, or Vidiago. These jesters are vertical holes in the cliff where the waves of the sea leave through internal caves, on days of heavy swell, the water of the sea spray can reach up to 10 meters high and the sound can be heard miles around .


There are several rivers that flow into the Llanisca coast, such as the Carrocedo River, Bedón, or the Purón River. There are several coastal paths that follow the path of the river, and others that directly cross the cliffs with the pleasant view of the Peaks of Europe on one side, and the Cantabrian Sea on the other.


Llanes, disfrútame todo el año. Turismo de Llanes

Autor Alfonso Cantero

Costa de Celorio (Llanes) Eliana Álvarez Mártinez

Playa de Torimbia. Video

Playa de Barru. Video

Playas de Llanes. Video

Ensanada de Niembru. Video

Playa Cuevas del Mar. Video

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